FuturePositive Meetup


FuturePositive Meetup is an open invitation to create a global, leading-edge and pragmatic conversation about positive entrepreneurship. These events are where we meet to connect, inspire, collaborate and have fun. It’s a place for surprising conversations with kindred spirits, and for developing the kind of local and global relationships needed to propel pioneering business ideas into action. 

During FuturePositive Meetups, we typically present engage in a thoughtful facilitated conversation about the current and future opportunities for investors to back positive technology companies, give the stage to a few inspiring entrepreneurs leveraging cutting edge technologies to have impact at scale, and create opportunities to meet in an informal and warm setting.

Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?
— Alice in Wonderland

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-- Coming soon in June 2018


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FuturePositive Meetup is powered by people.

Anyone can plug in, whether it’s setting up a new event in in your city or dropping in to an existing meet-up. 

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